Tourist attractions

- Van Gogh House Zundert

The Vincent van Gogh House is a living art center, located in the birthplace of one of the most famous artists in history.


Not a classical museum, but an active experience, for both art lovers and tourists. With a stimulating presentation of the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and interactive education







- Strawberry Terrace Rijsbergen

On the Belgian border, in Burgundian Brabant, lies in the beautiful outdoor area of the Church village of Rijsbergen our strawberry- and leisure farm ' The terrace '.


Enjoy all the delights on the terrace and discover through numerous activities the secrets of the healthy red fruit. A cozy visit or a complete day out for young and old!


From april to november open every day from 10.00 to 18.00. Free entrance!




- Discover Breda Nassau City

Breda is the main Nassau city in Netherlands. Many historic buildings are still too, such as the large church, the Beguinage, the Walloon Church and dozens of court houses and other beautiful buildings. It is a vibrant city with lots to do.


It is 14 km from our beautiful Bed & Breakfast come from, certainly worth a go!



Hoe te bereiken?

Markt 26-27

4881 CN Zundert

+31 (0)76 597 85 90


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Fam. Bastiaansen

Pannenhoefsebaan 31

4891 ZA Rijsbergen

tel: 0650577635


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- Bloemencorso Zundert

What began in 1936 as a festive parade of decorated bikes, has become an immense procession of twenty houses high vehicles, covered with millions of dahlias. The parade of Zundert is unique in its kind; nowhere are the vehicles bigger.


The hamlets give every year everything they got, in order to build the most beautiful car at the discretion of a skilled and independent jury. To win the corso is the best thing that can happen to a Zundertenaar.


Corso Zundert takes place annually on the first Sunday of September.




How often does it happen that you see a hot air balloon and think ' I would really like to do that too '? Probably regularly, because it is everyone's wish to feel as free as a bird.


A hot air balloon ride is an unique experience. Quietly floating through the air, you will have a fantastic view over the countryside. A hot air balloon ride doesn't make you lonely, we will make sure you'll have an amazing experience. You are also involved in the building and packing the balloon. After, you will get a drink and a certificate as a memory of a beautiful hot air balloon ride.

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+31 (0)76 – 5995777














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Walk- and cycle routes

- Nature reserve de Pannenhoef

Make a walk through The Pannenhoef, a unique and silent nature area, just below the Dutch city of Etten-Leur, The Netherlands. From the fourteenth to the seventeenth century, many of the peat has been extracted. In the dried form (turf), it was all transported via turfvaarten to Breda and Roosendaal, as a fuel for households as well as for companies.


Currently, there is a beautiful nature area with woods, lakes and flower-filled meadows. There are growing rare plants such as heidekartelblad and moerashertshooi. The rest of the route is a loop through a rural area of cultivated fields, pastures, and small forest plots. Here you can enjoy a relaxing walk, perfect for a day of relaxation. At the end of the route, it's time for a drink at The Menmoerhoeve.


- Van Gogh Cycle Route

The Van Gogh cycling route will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the diverse province of Brabant. You'll cycle along rivers, canals and past the old farms. You will cycle to where Vincent walked, stopping at the places where Vincent drew and painted, and visit the places that played an important role in his life.


The Van Gogh bicycle route has been set up through an cycling interchange network. The route features no less than 435 miles of cycling routes, which is divided into 10 circles, and along areas that are a reminder of Van Gogh.

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